Happiness is…

Happiness, a word defined differently for everyone. For some, happiness is money, wealth and for others happiness is friends and family. My friend is going through a rough time at the moment and that is what inspired me to make this article. What we really should be happy about are the little things, things we take for granted. An ‘exercise’ I like doing when I am feeling down is to count all the things around you you are grateful of. It can be as small as a spoon you are lucky enough to have and use. Or a pencil to write. Just looking around and counting these leads you to feeling lucky, well, to me it does. Here are some things you probably take for granted.

Happiness is family2016-11-05 03.46.01 1.jpg

Happiness is family that sticks with you and supports you through everything. Happiness is a sister who annoys you constantly because it’s just enjoyable for her to watch you get angry. Happiness is a brother who steals your things and gives them back months after. Happiness is a mother who makes the best cookies. Happiness is a father who makes the weirdest jokes.

Happiness is friends2016-11-05 03.45.59 1.jpg

Happiness is friends who tease you for something you did years ago. Happiness is a friend who listens when you’re upset. Happiness is when you’re having the best time with your best friends.

Happiness is the smell of fresh coffeeProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is the smell of fresh coffee made in the morning while it’s still dark outside.

Happiness is loving dogsProcessed with VSCO

Dogs. Small dogs, big dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs. Need I say more?

Happiness is travelingProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is seeing new places and exploring our unique planet.

Happiness is a good bookProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is reading a good book, and not wanting it to ever finish.

Happiness is listening to musicProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is listening to music that soothes you or quite the opposites, motivates you.

Happiness is spending a lazy day aloneProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is spending a lazy day eating pizza and playing video-games.

Happiness is taking a good selfieProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is finally taking a nice selfie and posting it everywhere.

Happiness is good foodProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is finally getting to eat that dish you’ve been craving for days.

Happiness is a good hair dayProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is having good hair throughout the day

Happiness is the beachProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is relaxing by the beach, soaking in the hot sun.

Happiness is rain/snowProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is rain when the weather is still hot, or seeing the first snowflakes float onto the ground.

Happiness is a catProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is the purring of a cat in your lap.

Happiness is laughingProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is laughing, or when someone has a contagious laugh.

Happiness is a relaxing bathProcessed with VSCO

Happiness is a lying in a bath for hours, thinking and pondering.

Processed with VSCO

Happiness is what you choose to  be happy about.

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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