Driving Through Romania’s Hills

On our lengthy way to Sibiu from Bucharest, we decided to take a longer route, passing through a small town called Zalau so that we could visit family. These are all cities in the European country Romania which, you may have noticed, has the outline of a fish on a map. That is the best way to remember it, if you didn’t already know too much about it.
Driving through the hills of Romania to pass through these cities and then coming back, we were able to remind ourselves of the beauty of rural Romania. Unfortunately, this isn’t a part of Romanian culture that is widely known, and not enough emphasis is put on it. It is where true Romanian atmosphere emerges and for my family and I, it really can get emotional to be put into a place like this. Perhaps it is important to note that we had not been to Romania for over a year.

As a little bit of geography for you, Romanian contains the mountain range called Carpathian Mountains. Hence, there is the option of participating in winter sports during the snowy season, and also hiking in the heat in the summer season.

As we drove with our car on our long journey (with numerous stops for food and rest, of course) we opened our top window so that we could enjoy the sun and pleasant weather. Romania has balanced weather, with hot summers and cold winters.

The route was lengthy, as I have not failed to mention, but listening to music and viewing the beautiful surroundings kept us all busy. It was a wonderful thing as well that it wasn’t raining, though, contrary to English experiences, even if it did rain in Romania in the summer, it would still be pleasantly warm.

It was almost as if we were enclosed in our car, and furthermore by Romania itself. We drove through hills at all times of the day, and witnessed backdrops of tall mountains.

Yet, I should also be thanking the transportation choice. Taking a car and simply driving out of town and to places, whether that is randomly or not, is a step into seeing the area better than by taking a plane. It is understandable why many  young people prefer car rides over plane rides, and that is simply due to a friendlier alternative of getting around places, which can be equally exciting.

I am already missing Romania and can’t wait to be there again soon, specifically so that I can go on a car ride again out of Bucharest and be transferred to the rural identity of Romania. Have you ever been to Romania?

Article by Bianca Lazar

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