4 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Best Time Of The Year

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Nobody! There are definite highlights about Halloween that we all particularly love more, so here are 4 reasons Halloween is the best time of the year.

1. Lots Of Candy:14875974_993186524142678_2051391107_o.jpg

Halloween is a time where eating lots and lots of candy is acceptable. Whether you get the candy from trick or treating or buying it, there’s nothing more delicious than candy!

2. Horror Movies:giphy (60).gif

What’s a better way to set the mood for Halloween than watching horror movies? Frankly, we got an article all about which horror movies are the best! Watching horror movies with popcorn at night while it’s almost Halloween is a spooky and fun experience. How can you resist horror movies when so many new ones are coming out?

3. Being Someone Else For A Day:giphy (61).gif

There is one day a year where you can be whoever/whatever you want and it is totally acceptable from any angle (unless it is offensive, of course)! A celebrity, superhero, robot, book, witch, skeleton, even something as crazy as toilet paper is appreciated during this season. For some simple ideas, you can visit our article on 5 Simple Costume Ideas for Halloween!

4. Having Fun With Friends And Decorating Your House:giphy (62).gif

Halloween let’s you and your friends come together and have loads of fun dressing up, decorating, eating and getting scared! So gather your friends this Halloween and have the time of your life.hhhh

I hope these 4 reasons awoke your spooky bones and got you even more excited for Halloween! What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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