Fun Things to Tell Siri

Sometimes the only friend you have is your sweet Siri. Everyone with an Apple product can relate. We talk to Siri because it’s always there to listen. If you’re in the mood to have a laugh with Siri, then here are some funny things to say.

Will you marry me? 

Siri has it’s ways of answering to your silly questions in the nicest way. I hate to break it to you, but it always says no to this question, in a subtle way, however.14826245_1157275224359210_1988463820_n

Knock, Knock

It always says the same knock, knock joke, but at least it has some sense of humour.14805563_1157275204359212_1517431664_n

Shut up

Siri’s a smart one, aint he? It knows when to shut up, so when you tell it to, he stops speaking.14813458_1157275197692546_1897675859_n

You’re funny

Yes…you are.14805387_1157275184359214_1760528436_n

I need to hide a body

What a big help, Siri.14800840_1157275181025881_221771862_n

Ha ha

It’s there if you ever need someone to laugh with.Besides there not being the most realistic laugh, it is the best Siri can do. Let’s appreciate that for now.14804824_1157275177692548_950947953_n.jpg

Where does Santa live? 

Ha Ha, good one.14055786_1157275094359223_1719813700_n.jpg

Did you fart?

I guess it doesn’t really want to own up to what it did.14805567_1157275087692557_943534095_n

*Just repeat some random words*

It will then sort of sing you a song.14813563_1157275097692556_1994562171_n.jpg

I need to poop

You will receive a list of nearby toilets. Why thank you Siri.14794153_1157275147692551_1263258716_n.jpg

Tell me a story

If you are lucky, Siri might just tell you a bit of its life story. Sadly, you’ve only got one shot. It wouldn’t tell me the story again.14798750_1157275144359218_122796312_n


It’s rather what you hear than what it writes.14826327_1157275137692552_875683007_n.jpg

What’s 0 divided by 0?

Harsh. Savage Siri.14799007_1157275114359221_1567385047_n.jpg

I’m naked

Siri has some limits. Well this is awkward.14813708_1157275111025888_1696268547_n.jpg

Talk dirty to me

Nice one Siri.14813732_1157275104359222_1123569211_n.jpg

How do I look?

Siri is such a sweetheart.14800738_1157275091025890_2147089559_n.jpg

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

It knows what you want to hear.14797377_1157275107692555_634025716_n

I love you

It can laugh with you, it can sing to you, tell you stories, make jokes, guide you to the toilet, but it doesn’t love you.14797293_1157275174359215_332938614_n.jpg

Hope you tried out some of these and had a laugh with Siri.

Article by Roxana Lazar

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