Fall Things That Will Make You Appreciate The Season More

Whether your favorite season is Winter, Summer or Spring, it’s undeniable that Fall is the best. Not only are there many holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.), there is so much to do! Some people may find this arguable, so here is an article to prove Fall is the best season.

Leaves, leaves, leavesgiphy (53).gif

Fall is the season when leaves turn a crispy orange, brown and yellow and fall on the ground to make piles of beautiful leaves. The crisp noise the leaf makes when you step on it is undeniably satisfying and fun!

Peaceful Raingiphy (54).gif

Fall is usually when all the pouring starts, and it is very relaxing. The fresh smell of rain is so nice it could make you dizzy.And when you decide to stay in, cuddling up with a blanket and watching the rain with a cup of tea is very peaceful and calming. Can’t we all use a moment of peace in this chaotic world of ours?

Sweater Weathergiphy (55).gif

Wearing cute sweaters and high boots are very fun in the Fall. Especially for those Fall themed photo-shoots!

Darkgiphy (56).gif

Fall is when it starts getting dark earlier, which may be great for some people and bad for others.

Sunsetsgiphy (57).gif

Sunsets are breathtaking anytime but when it is chilly and you’re all curled up, the sunsets seem to be ten times prettier. Seeing the colors of the sky shift from a blue to a purple and then red and orange are gorgeous.

Pumpkingiphy (58).gif

Pumpkins are an important part of the spooky holiday of this season, Halloween. Carving pumpkins with friends are extremely fun, no matter what age you are! Also, did I mention the delicious pumpkin flavored food and drinks?

Halloweengiphy (59).gif

The holiday in which we can become whoever we want to be for just a day. Halloween parties and the whole process of picking out a costume is really fun, especially for crafty people! Scary movies are especially fun to watch around this holiday, so gather up your friends and watch horror movies!


Walking just becomes so much more enjoyable in the Fall. In the Summer you sweat too much, in the Winter it’s just too cold! Fall is the season for walks in cute parks. How can you deny the fresh smells and beautiful sights while doing productive exercise?

As you can see, there is much to appreciate in this very interesting season. So get out there, gather your friends and do something fun! Or you can just stay home and relax, this is a season where anything is acceptable!giphy (52).gif

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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