5 Things You Believe That Aren’t True

We hear things and believe them from a young age, but most of them are not true. These are 5 widely believed myths which you thought were true, but are, in fact, false.

1. Cutting Your Hair Will Make It Grow Faster:14787129_985701348224529_515402885_o.jpg

Trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow any faster, although it does make your hair look longer and healthier. Cutting your hair doesn’t affect how fast your hair will grow. Trim the split ends every 8 to 12 weeks for it to look longer and healthier.

2. Eating Chocolate Gives You Acne:14689925_985679228226741_553350189_o

Acne is caused by unwanted oil or dirt that builds up to zits. This is usually caused by diary and sugar. Even if this is a myth, you still shouldn’t eat too much chocolate, for your health.

3. Going Out With Wet Hair Will Make You Catch A Cold:14697267_985679328226731_1797203234_o

Many studies have proved that having dry or wet hair when going out has nothing to do with catching a cold. You get ill from people, or from the environmental air. Nonetheless, catching a cold is more risky in chilly weather, so stay warm no matter what.

4. The 5 Second Rule:14787016_985679204893410_154689558_o

We’ve believed this rule since childhood, and it turns out it’s completely false! When you drop your food on the floor there are many bacteria that get in your food in a span of a second. It doesn’t matter if your house is crystal clean because there are bound to be bacteria everywhere. So if you drop your food, throw it out and don’t risk .

5. Background Running Apps Drain Your Battery Faster:14689185_985679104893420_1288686152_o

Having apps in your background doesn’t matter because it doesn’t drain your battery. A phones battery drains by standby time, the age of the phone, and the age of the battery.

Now that you know these things are not true, make new arrangements in your life that don’t include these false myths.Which one of these myths did you believe in that turned out false?

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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