Sugary Plates from Patisserie Valerie

I hate going out on Sundays, which is why I often try to finish all of my homework the first half of the weekend so that I can spend the evening of Saturday out in the social air. Most recently, I tried out a sweet lunch with my girl friends at Patisserie Valerie, in the centre of town. I did this on a busy Saturday.


First opened in London by Belgian Madam Valerie, the goal was to spread fine Continental Patisserie to the English. Undoubtedly that was well said since the patisserie was an instant success, and without question! The below quote explains truly and precisely what you can find indoors.

“In our havens of self-indulgence, you will discover only the best quality cakes and patisserie, continental breakfasts, lunches, the finest teas and coffees and an atmosphere that is unique to each location.” -Patisserie Valerie official website

What we each ordered can be seen in the above pictures. Nevertheless, Patisserie Valerie had many more options for us, and each with typical prices. Similar to a cafe, there were drinks (hot and cold) available to us all. In addition, it is similar to a restaurant as well, with waiters and waitresses checking up on you and bringing your plates and drinks to your table after you’ve been seated. They were lovely and polite, as would have been expected.

The indoors environment smells of sugar as much as their plates taste of it. It is clean and organised. It is not loud or disturbing, as Patisserie Valerie has a somewhat specific target market that would keep it at its standards.

All in all, it is a peaceful environment, giving you the feeling of being placed in the middle of a romantic atmosphere in Paris, for some reason. What makes it different from other patisseries/cafes is the grande vibe it spreads from both inside and outside.

I will be going there soon for sure.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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