31 Movies to Watch on Halloween

It’s the spooky season and what better way to celebrate than to binge-watch horror movies under a blanket with friends? Here’s the countdown of some of the best Halloween movies.

31. Paranormal Activitygiphy (21).gif

A couple move into a home which they immediately feel uncomfortable in, thinking it is a supernatural presence, in hopes of catching proof on tape they set up cameras around their home. What’s to come, they never expected.

30. Monster Housegiphy-22

Monster House is a classic children’s thriller, at least for me it was. Monster House shows a story of three friends thinking their neighborhood has a haunted house, and it means harm. Of course, people shrug it off but what if that house came to life?

29. The Babadookgiphy (23).gif

The Babadook was thought to be a harmless children’s book, but what if the fears of a kid are real? This movie is pretty new compared to the movies in this list, it was produced in 2015; with today’s technology and a freaky story, you really don’t need anything else to make you jump.

28. Hotel Transylvaniagiphy (24).gif

This movie is hilarious, fun and very eye-delicious. Mavis wants nothing else but to explore the world but her strict father, Dracula, doesn’t let her. As he prepares a party for her 118th birthday, he notices an unknown guest who happens to be human. This movie is not particularly scary  as it is a children’s movie, but definitely a movie to get you excited for Halloween.

27. Jeepers Creepersgiphy (25).gif

A brother and a sister take a road trip home from college and bump into an old church where they make a horrid discovery. This movie gives a creepy twist to the song “Jeepers Creepers.”

26. Sawgiphy (26).gif

“Let’s play a game,” a very popular movie quote. The Saw series is psychologically sickening and scary, it shows a new door to cruelty and brutality. You would have to watch it to understand.

25. The Witchesgiphy (27).gif

Roald Dahl is our favorite childhood writer but who knew he could write thrilling books as well? As a child this movie (and book) scared me a lot but watching it now it’s very enjoyable and it makes you realize how great Roald Dahl’s imagination was. Luke knows about the Witches, he knows they exist and that they absolutely hate kids. His grandmother does his best to hide him from them, but what happens when they are staying at the same hotel as the head of the Witches?

24. The Hills Have Eyesgiphy (28).gif

A family takes a road trip when they get stranded in an unknown place. They soon come to realize that they are not alone there and that there are bloodthirsty mutants who can’t wait to have a taste of them.

23. Poltergeistgiphy (29).gif

A family starts to notice their youngest daughter is acting strange, when they see her talking to the television. They soon find out that ghosts are communicating with them through the television screen. A very freaky movie for Halloween.

22. Sleepy Hollowgiphy (30).gif

This movie is one of the best Tim Burton movies out there, it shows thrill, romance, and fantasy woven into one film. The movie is about a man who came from New York to investigate about the “Headless Horseman” who has rumored to cut people’s head’s off and take them to hell. Thrilling movie to watch before Halloween.

21. Dark Shadowsgiphy (31).gif

Dark Shadows is about a rich family who had a whole town named after them, but when their son breaks the heart of a witch; she kills their family but leaves the son as a vampire and locks him underground for him to suffer forever. But two centuries later, he get’s unintentionally dug up. Dark Shadows was directed by Tim Burton, so you know it must be creepy and enjoyable.

20. Screamgiphy (32).gif

Scream is a classic horror movie and has many sequels to it. It’s about a murderer in a mask who asks trivia questions. He makes you suffer and he makes you scream.

19. Insidiousgiphy (33).gif

A father thinks their house is haunted but soon comes to realize that it is his son that is being possessed. He would do anything to take his son out of the suffering.

18. Itgiphy (34).gif

Stephen King’s ‘It’ might be one of the scariest movies out there, especially right now. The 1990 film turns ten times scarier after all of the clown sightings. Maybe they were inspired from this movie?

17. The Purgegiphy (35).gif

The Purge is set in the future when once a year, for 12 hours, any crime is legal. A family of four try to avoid danger for the 12 hours but when one of the dangers are inside their own house, they face a challenge.

16. Dead Silencegiphy (36).gif

Are you scared of dolls? Then you might want to avoid this movie. When a husband goes back to his hometown to investigate the mysterious death of his wife he discovers a whole new world of creepy.

15. The Orphanagegiphy (37).gif

Laura and her husband buy an orphanage and re-invent it as a home for sick children. When her own son, who is also sick, suddenly disappears, she starts hearing things. And she believes that her son is alive, and the spirits are leading her to him.

14. The Texas Chainsaw Massacregiphy (38).gif

A girl and her brother go to investigate on her grandfather’s grave which was rumored to be vandalized, when they explore through his farmhouse, they notice something unsettling about the people next door.

13. The Exorcistgiphy (39).gif

An oldie but a goldie, The Exorcist never failed to bring goosebumps. A girl is possessed and she has to exorcised, but what if it isn’t as easy as it seems? What if the possession is much stronger than they thought?

12. The Ringgiphy (40).gif

The Ring is scary as hell. What if there was a tape that would kill you in seven days if you watch it? And the only way to stop the curse was to pass it on to someone else by making them watch it. What if the person that watched was your son? This movie answers these questions.

11. The Mistgiphy (41).gif

Another Stephen King classic. The Mist takes a scientific fiction twist on horror in this movie/book. A father goes grocery shopping with his son while is wife is home and weird things start to happen which ends up in them not being able to leave the grocery store with supernatural creatures just outside.

10. The Othersgiphy (42).gif

A mother of two is very protective of her children due to their rare disease and allergy to sunlight. She awaits her husband while she get’s new servants whom she is suspicious of. After weird things start happening in their house, she thinks the servants are playing tricks on them but soon changes her mind to thinking there are ghosts in her house.

9. Sixth Sensegiphy (43).gif

A chilling movie about a little boy who can see dead people. He get’s guidance from a psychiatrist who does everything he can to help and guide the little boy. When he realizes something…

8. The Shininggiphy (44).gif

You can never get enough of Burton-King movies, The Shining is just that. When a family decides to take care of the Outlook Hotel as they close for five months the chilling history of the hotel seems to have a affect on them. A boy with a special talent, a father with wills to become a writer and a mother who wants only what’s best for her son find themselves in a situation they never thought they would face.

7. Coralinegiphy (45).gif

A little girl finds a way to an ideal home where she seems to have no family problems and parents who looks exactly like her own, only they have buttons for eyes, but she doesn’t know that this world has dark secrets. A creepy animated movie at it’s best.

6. Beetlejuicegiphy (46).gif

When Barbara and Adam find out that they had died in an accident, they are faced in the world of death and realize it’s very different to what people make it seem. They can’t leave their house and are stuck inside with the new family that’s just moved in. They are in desperation of trying to getting rid of them, when they find an advertisement to a bio-exorcist named Beetlejuice. They’ve been told not to seek help from him, but will their desperation make them change their minds?

5. The Conjuringgiphy (47).gif

A family moved into a nice, old fashioned farmhouse where they soon feel uncomfortable in. Seeing and hearing weird things lead them to believe the house is haunted and they call experts for help. Can this haunting turn into a possession or something much worse?

4. The Corpse Bridegiphy (48).gif

Victor and Victoria are arranged to marry. While Victor practices his lines for the ceremony in a forest, he places the ring in a hand shaped branch. Little did he know that the branch was actually a corpse hand which belonged to Emily, a newly wed wife who was murdered. She’s in the intentions of marrying Victor and taking him to the world of the dead. This is a classic Halloween movie,and no wonder why.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmasgiphy (49).gif

This movie’s category is arguable; is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie? I, personally, see it as an amazing mix of both. Jack Skellington, the town’s pumpkin king, is bored of the same old Halloween they prepare for and celebrate every year. While taking a walk in a forest, he finds himself in a place he’s never been before. He sees a few doors and decides to inside one with a colorful tree when he drops into a whole new world of Christmas.

2. Edward Scissorhandsgiphy (50).gif

Edward is a man-made boy who’s creator died before he could fix his hands. Edward has big scissors for hands. When an Avon representative finds him in a high, beautiful but dark house, she can’t shake pity off and brings him home with her. Edward falls in love with her daughter. The town is fascinated by his uniqueness, but being different isn’t always good; he finds himself an outcast. This incredible story is truly fascinating, a perfect mix of freaky and emotional for Halloween.

1. A Nightmare on Elm Streetgiphy (51).gif

Freddie Krueger preys on teens’ dreams, and the only way to escape him is by not sleeping. When Nancy decides to take it upon herself to find out the story behind this killer, she finds out a horrifying truth. There’s a series of this movie and it will make you jump out of your skin. Definitely scary and keeps you up at night.

And there you go! 31 movies to watch on your countdown to Halloween! Happy binge-watching!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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