Your Breakfast Porridge Feed

Speaking for myself, cereal with milk or toast with ham is getting boring as a way of starting off my day before school. Sometimes, after finishing a bowl of milk with cereal, I feel so full that I swear I’ll skip over my lunch meal; other times, after a slice of toast, I feel like I have not had enough. It’s almost as if there is never an in-between breakfast I can have. You can only imagine how much effect my breakfast has on my mood at school, unsurprisingly.

My parents’ lives revolve around health, whether that includes nutritious meals or calorie-burning activities. Half a year ago my dad began eating porridge for breakfast. My first reaction was EW that looks disgusting even though it doesn’t taste as bad. Nevertheless, I continued with my daily routine of breakfast that was, at the time, milk and cereal.

After a while I joined him in his new breakfast ideas and fell in love—I am not exaggerating—with porridge. Funnily enough, there were only two ways I could have my porridge to be happy with my bowl, and I have been having porridge as often as possible ever since. (I am the type of person that eats quite anything that is put in front of me.)

The reason I have porridge before I go to school is primarily because it is a healthy boost to a great day. This fact goes hand in hand with the great benefit that porridge is quite filling, meaning that it keeps your stomach at peace for a lengthy time. The interesting part is that, while it is filling, I do not feel bloated. It is just right. 14393809_1192737187464071_779106743_o

As I said before though, there are only two ways I can have my porridge. I fill up a bowl one third of the way with oats and then fill up half of the bowl with milk. Then I put it in the microwave and leave it at around three minutes. It is important to mention here that I always have to watch the bowl closely at the three-minute mark because little bulbs appear at the surface which can cause overflow and mini-explosions. Then, my plain porridge is finished so I can add either one of the only two ways I like to have my porridge.

What I have gotten to doing quite of late is preparing my plain porridge the night before, letting it cool down, and then putting it in the fridge. In the morning, I add no-fat yogurt to it to soften the oats and mix everything easily, and then I add one of two things:

 Black cherry jam (with a side of raspberries and strawberries)14407894_1192737240797399_613439756_o.jpg

There is a lot of sugar here, so the jam is all the porridge needs. If I have loads of berries in my fridge, it is sometimes all I add to the porridge, skipping over the combination with jam. As you may have noticed, I am also quite specific on the type of jam I like to eat for breakfast: black cherry or cherry.

Banana and cinnamon

Cinnamon plays the role of the jam from the first method of having porridge. Cinnamon is great for breakfast because it contains no calories but at the same time somehow manages to sweeten the food. The banana is part of the daily fruit essentials, and I rarely add more than one whole banana. I have to make sure that everything is beaten and combined smoothly.

After my breakfast, not only do I feel full in the sense that I am not hungry anymore but not in the sense that I am bloated, but I also feel energized and healthy. Hence is why I love having porridge for breakfast and also why from time to time I will have it twice a day!

Article by Bianca Lazar

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