Why Tea Is Good For You

We always hear “drink some tea, you’ll feel better,” but have you ever wondered what tea is actually good for? What does tea benefit to your body? Keep reading to find out.14550953_971979526263378_1723117736_o

1. Reduces Risks Of Diseases:

Drinking tea can actually reduce heart attacks. Tea can also prevent cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.giphy (20).gif

2. Can Make You More Focused:

Tea can make you more focused and can increase your memory. While at work or outside, drink tea so you can be more focused.giphy (19).gif

3. Tea May Protect Your Bones:

Tea can protect and prevent bone loss. Studies said that drinking tea may strengthen and prevent from having weak bones.giphy (18).gif

4. Tea May Prevent From Tooth Loss:

Drinking tea decreases tooth loss and may prevent from having cavities. When you drink tea, it changes the Ph in your mouth.giphy (17).gif

As you can see, not only does tea taste amazing, it can also do amazing things to your body! So drink up!giphy (16).gif

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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