Everyday Makeup Routine

Makeup is a form of art performed in ourselves, and its thoroughly enjoyable for some and a dread for others. I, personally, finish doing my makeup in 10-15 minutes and I enjoy the me time it gives me. Take a look at the products I use daily for my Everyday Makeup Routine! There is a combination of both drugstore and high end makeup products.

maybelline-bb-dream-fresh-bb-skin-perfector-medium-041554282641-c1Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream // $8.99

This BB Cream is not only good coverage but also hydrates your skin. It’s also SPF 30, and oil-free, so it’s perfect for people with oily skin. Go-to coverage product.


s1151869-main-Lhero.jpgBeauty Blender // $20.00

Beauty Blenders are a must-have, we all know that. This is the original beauty blender, it doubles in size after being wet and returns to regular size after it dries. The product you’re putting on your face doesn’t get absorbed into the sponge but rather sits on top of it, so your product doesn’t go to waste and is being used to the fullest. The teardrop shape of it also helps a lot, applying larger and more vague areas with the bigger end and smaller, more specific areas (i.e. under eyes, nostril corners).


mac_sku_MGT901_640x600_0.jpgPro Longwear Concealer // $22.00

The best thing about the Pro Longwear Concealer is that it has the perfect matte finish and stays on all day without a problem. It doesn’t feel cakey when you have it on and leaves a natural look. It lives up to it’s name and price.


hmprod.jpgH&M Perfecting Powder // $9.99

This product sets your makeup perfectly. It’s silky and smooth.


powder-brush-2025-16-bPowder Brush // 18.50TL (only in Turkey)

This product may only be purchased in Turkey but if ever you find yourself in Turkey and in need of a powder brush, Golden Rose has got your back. Golden Rose is the leading makeup brand in Turkey and it’s indeed amazing. This product may just be one of their best as well. The Powder Brush sets your powder perfectly on your face.


hoola-hero.pngHoola Matte Bronzer // $29.00

Summer’s over but we will do anything to hold onto that tan and perfect hot weather, you can do that with the Hoola Matte Bronzer. This product makes you look naturally sunkissed and tan. It’s easy to apply and it’s you can layer it for a more tan look, or apply a little for a subtle sunkissed look.


15446_84035_900px49871-61-jpg-49871-61e.l.f. Contouring Brush // $6.00

The e.l.f. Contouring Brush is perfect because of the shape and size of the brush. The brush makes the contour application simple and leaves your face with the perfect amount of dimension.


gallery_1_marylou_1024x1024.jpgMary-Lou Manizer // $24.00

Highlighters are gaining a lot of popularity of late, and this product in particular. The Mary-Lou Manizer. It leaves a nice shimmery and subtly glowing effect.


1802_eyelash-and-brow-wand_zoom.jpge.l.f. Eyelash & Brow Wand $1.00

The e.l.f. Eyelash & Brow Wand is the only eyebrow brush I will be using from now on. It is isn’t too harsh or soft and leaves your brows nicely combed.

hmprod-1Eyebrow Kit // $9.00

The H&M Eyebrow Kit is amazing. Simply amazing. It has two shades and a wax, and it is really all you need for perfect brows. The wax is long-staying and keeps your brows in shape while the powders don’t wear off and keep your eyebrows in perfect color.


download (7).jpgWomen Empowderment Double-Ended Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush      $24.50

Although this product is a bit pricey, if used correctly and frequently it is really worth it. The brushes don’t smear and are applied to only the places you intended them to, they’re an easy usage.


224.jpgMega Volume & Length City Style Mascara // 12.75TL

This mascara is only purchasable in Turkey, but we had to include this as it leaves your lashes with great volume and length. It is applied easily and brightens up your eyes.


41zM4yQuyHL.jpgTONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint // $8.37

The TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint is a must-have lip product. It is a lip tint so it gives your lips a natural color tinted color. This product is truly amazing as it lasts for what seems like forever! It is long-lasting, pigmented and adorable, what else would you want from a product?


And there we go! All the products I use for my easy, everyday makeup look! Make sure to tell us which products you have and love, or which ones you’re planning on buying.

This everyday makeup routine is based on Nomin Enkhtsetseg’s makeup. Suggestions and descriptions also advised by Nomin Enkhtsetseg.

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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