Top 5 Inspirational Movies You Must Watch

Once in a while, we all want to watch an inspiring, emotional movie where we just bawl like babies. Here are the top five most touching and inspirational movies you must watch.

1. The Help:

zzzThis movie is about a girl called Skeeter and she has a dream of being a writer. She comes from a wealthy, white family but she cares deeply for the black community and women. When she gets the chance to present a voice to the community, she takes it. The first ever woman to speak to Skeeter was Aibileen. She tells her stories while the others refuse to speak in fear of getting fired. But the fury of these maids is undeniable, an explosion of emotion was bound to happen. This movie will bring tears of laughter, pity and happiness into your eyes. It will really make you appreciate what you have today.

2. Pursuit of Happyness:giphy (12).gif

This movie is based on a struggling family, when things start going downhill for them, things get really tough. Chris struggles to find a job and keep his son happy. The best thing about this movie is that it is based on a true story, when you see it from that perspective, it really gets much more deep. The lead actors are Will and Jaden Smith, father and son, and they really portray that bond perfectly in the film. You will be grateful for the sacrifices our parents make to make us happy.

3. 12 Years of Slave:giphy (13).gif

Solomen Northup is a free black man who is betrayed and sold into slavery. You really get an insight on how horrible slavery was, and further loathe the cruel owners of these slaves. The things they went through, days without eating, beatings, cruelty and racism. Through all this, he finds kindness from some and cruelty from others, mostly his owners. In his twelve year of being sold, he finds hope and realizes he has a chance to escape this nightmare. This film is on a total different level, and it really amazes you, what people went through.

4. A Walk to Remember:z.jpg

What are the odds of the most popular boy falling for a religious girl people don’t even know the name of? Very low. But when Landon is assigned to Jamie in a play, he finds out how fascinating she really is. He finds himself slowly falling in love with her, regardless of the promise he made to her. But there’s something Landon doesn’t know, the reason she made him promise not to fall in love with her, the reason her father is hesitant about letting them have a relationship. This movie is truly amazing and captures what love is really about.

5. The Impossible:giphy (14).gif

A family of five go for a winter vacation to Thailand. After a day of joy and fun, the air feels weird, the animals are all running and the wind seems to blowing harder than usual. In the midst of everyone’s confusion, an unexpected tsunami hits them. The family gets separated, while the mother finds her oldest son, she can’t help but worry about where her husband and two other sons are. This movie has a lot of pain in it, emotionally and physically, you see the value of family and it will give you a will to spend as much time with your family as you possibly can. The burning questions of, ‘Are they alive? Will they find each other?’ will linger in the air while you finish the movie.

Get out your tissue boxes and start watching these movies! These are perfect movies for lonely, lazy night with pizza and a blanket. Best of luck on trying to hide your extremely swollen eyes the next day. Is there a movie we missed? Let us know!

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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