Best & Easiest Fat-Burning Methods

the-best-ways-to-activate-your-fat-burning-hormonesNo one is ever really fully confident with their body. Lucky for you, you can change that. There are some easy ways of losing weight, activities that you do every day but don’t even notice. Knowing that you are burning fat will certainly boost your self confidence. So here are some of the best and easiest fat burning methods.

Watch your fluidsgiphy.gif

Science has proven that green tea and other types of tea that are detoxing are very effective when trying to lose weight. Also avoid calories in a glass, for example, coffee or other sorts of sugary drinks like soda drinks.

Get your sleep

It has also been proven that not getting the right amount of sleep makes it harder to lose weight. Leave aside those white nights of slumber parties and binge watching TV shows. Get your minimum 8-hours-a-day sleep.

giphy (1).gifKeep warm

When your muscles are warm, you are bound to lose more weight and faster than if you are feeling cold. Get cozy in a hoodie and go for a run or, if you’re too lazy, just sit and watch a movie, but keep warm.


Have a yogurt, or 2, or even 3. The best ones are the ones that are with a very low percentage of fat. Also before eating, make sure there aren’t that many calories in your meal (this is an obvious one). Watch your calories of course! There is no way you will lose weight, especially if you have a slow metabolism, if you go to KFC every day.

Walk the dog

If you don’t have a dog, get one. You will feel obligated to take it out, counting this action as a short exercise.


Never skip breakfast. Have oatmeal, or eggs, or pancakes even, but never skip it. Many people who want to lose weight in a short amount of time will skip over breakfast, believing that they will thus be eating less per day, meaning that they are taking in less calories. They believe that this will lead to weight loss. However, the biggest mistake dieters can do is skip this meal. Being in the morning, it is the most important as what you eat can last up to several hours afterwards. So, have a good breakfast and you might not be hungry for a very long time after that. That’s the proper way of losing weight. If you skip breakfast, you will only be a lot hungrier and will end up eating loads more during the daygiphy (2).gif than you expected.

Keep away from sugar

Trust me, I know it tastes amazing, but stay as far away from sugar as you can.


Drink a lot of water. If your tummy is filled with water, you won’t feel hungry. Sometimes the feeling that you are hungry that you get isn’t actually real, so if you drink a glass of water you will realise you are full already and won’t feel the need to open the fridge (again).

giphy (3).gifGet motivated

Have a before photo so that you’ll know where you want to go. Start fitness. There are many celebrities you can follow on Instagram, for instance, and also follow loads of supermodels and models because they will make you want to look like them. Start doing some sport, and you can even just work out at home with Blogilates viewed on YouTube.

Leave the house

Whether it’s for a walk, or a picnic in the park, or even just sitting on your porch…get out of your house and smell the nature. Fresh air is good for your lungs.

Work out

Whether you like it or not, losing stubborn body fat and getting into the best shape requires some physical activity. Try getting at least 1 hour of exercise every day. Go to the gym, start yoga, work out at home, go rock climbing… just start a sport. Anything that makes you sweat.giphy (4).gif

Hope you try out some of these methods and see the changes within the first few weeks. Let me know if I missed anything! 

Article by Roxana Lazar

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