Are Superstars Too Mainstream?

Adidas’s Superstar trainers have taken the streetwear world by waves. They have never been as popular as they are today, seeing as Superstars were first released in 1969. Nevertheless, it is no wonder that Adidas AG is the second largest provider of sportswear, with statistics proving that last year the Adidas Group net sales amounted to about 16.92 billion euros. (Click on the images below to see their source.)

More Sneakers Facebook

A single word to describe this shoe would be chill. They are plain and casual and go along with anything. Perhaps that is why there is not one day that passes by where you don’t see them at least once. They are unisex as well and awfully comfortable. The best part yet is that they aren’t expensive (in my opinion)!

Yet, for some reason I have managed to keep myself away from them, and I am not the only one. They are mainstream—very mainstream—and what’s most unfortunate is that they may be a little too mainstream. Hence, wearing them simply would not differentiate me from the rest of Adidas fans.

Luckily for the fashion industry, when some design pops up and turns into a huge success, many other brands follow along from the tail and inspire themselves. If you are having doubts about buying the original Adidas Superstar sneakers, below I have listed a few alternatives (a bit more expensive but similar looks) which, in my opinion, actually are a lot more chic.

Michael Kors Irving Leather Sneaker  ($125)


Burberry Cherry Leather Sneakers ($352)


Massimo Dutti White Plimsolls ($86)


Tommy Hilfiger Whisper White Sneaker ($106)


Puma Basket Classic Lifestyle Women’s Sneakers ($70)


PacSun Facebook

Above I listen only some of my most favourite Adidas Superstar alternatives. Of course, there are many other options so if, for any reason, you are keeping yourself from buying the original Superstar trainers, do not worry. There are many other options that you can choose from, as I have just proved to you.

Let me know what you think of the mainstream Adidas Superstar!

Article by Bianca Lazar

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