Tips On How To Study For An Exam

As we all know school has started for most of us, the most dreading thing is studying for an exam. But I have some tips which will help you study for the exams easily and productively!

Tip 1. Sleeping Enough

One of the most important things for an exam night is to sleep enough. Resting your brain for approximately 8 hours will actually help it to remember more of what you studied and you can’t process your work with a tired brain as well as you would with a well-rested brain.

Tip 2. Taking Breaks

While you are studying it is important to take breaks between them. Every hour or so take a 15 minute break and just relax because overworking your brain can actually make you forget important facts or mix them up (which is the most annoying). So taking breaks and not overworking yourself will help you a lot on your exam!

Tip 3. Highlight

Highlighting is very useful when you are studying because it is a much easier way to remember things. Highlight the important facts and information that you know for sure will come up in the exam, also highlight the things you struggle with memorizing or learning. Reading over these highlighted notes a few times a day could really help you remember them.

Tip 4. Codes

Code the long, hard words or information. For example, if you are learning about the Periodic Table and you will have to list the first *number* of the elements, you can create a song, each word’s first letter being in the order of the elements. Or what I did was create a sentence, and I repeatedly just read over the sentence and got an amazing result on my exam!

Tip 5. Simple Notes

Keep simple notes in your notebook or in sticky notes, every time you turn the pages of your book, you will see this note and it gives you a hint of the topic. It also helps to know what the note is about (of course) and constantly reminding yourself of that note can make it stick to your brain for a long time.

Tip 6. Be Organized

Being organized will help you focus better on your studying, not getting distracted is important, especially when you’re in that deep studying mode. You can read about our article on how to stay organized for school. And anyways, doesn’t studying in a clean atmosphere make us all a bit more at ease?

Tip 7. Turn Offline

While studying, you don’t want to be distracted (as I said in the previous tip) so turn offline. Put your phone on mute and put it away, if you constantly get a notification, even if you tell yourself you won’t look at it, the curiosity will get the better of you and you will end up browsing Instagram and forgetting about your exam! So turn offline and focus on studying and studying only. Check your phone on your breaks, but don’t forget to go back to studying after your break is over!

Tip 8. Make A Goal

Having a goal and reward for when you achieve it will help you stay determined and motivated to fulfill it.

Tip 9. Don’t Stress

One of the most important things are to not over-stress for the exam. Be calm about it, try your best. And if your result turns out to be not what you’ve wanted, it is just another reason to try harder next time. Remind yourself that you’ve tried your best. Don’t dwell on the past, you can only look forward from now and prepare for your next exam harder than this one.

Remember these tips the next time you prepare for an exam and I promise you it will make the studying that much easier. Good luck! Do you have any other tips that I haven’t listed here?

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Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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