How To Spice Up Your Day In

We all have those days where we just dread going out or doing something active and we just want a lazy day in. This article will be a guide on how to spice up your day in.giphy-5

Sleep in:

If you are sick or tired from the previous day or simply want to take a break, take this morning to give your brain a little rest from the thoughts and the stress. It is very important for your body to recharge, and there’s no better way to do that than to sleep. Just staying in bed gives you a relaxing atmosphere, and you can clear your head.giphy-8

Make yourself a big breakfast:

As people say, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!” I had heard this quote quite a lot of times (in various languages) and it is a really popular quote, so make yourself a breakfast that you can enjoy. I recommend a sandwich filled with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ham and an omelette (trust me, it tastes amazing). Breaking fast in a good way can prepare your mood for the day.giphy-3

Start a new TV show:

I’m sure there is a show you always skip on Netflix or a show you’ve been telling yourself you’re going to start but never got to it, well today is the day to binge watch it! You can find which TV shows are binge watch worthy in one of our articles. Prepare yourself some snacks like popcorn or chips, snacks always make what you’re watching better, especially if you’re a foodie!giphy-7

Clean up:

It’s probably been a while since you reorganized everything and made everywhere squeaky clean. This may be a time to do that, who knows when an opportunity like this will come again? And anyways, it’s always nice to have a clean, organized home. And who knows when you will have the chance to organize again? Maybe put on a little music and dance around while cleaning.giphy-1


Relaxing is not the same as sleeping in, sure, you may be calm when you sleep but you are not truly relaxed. Put some soothing music on and put it at a low volume, then simply lie down, relax and think. Think of some decisions you’ve made, think of your mistakes and how you can fix them. Solve your problems in your mind logically and calmly. If you’re sad about something, cry it out (it helps) but make yourself a deadline. Tell yourself you’re going to cry it all out right now, and then never cry about it again.giphy-4

Order in:

Order in your favorite takeout! This is your cheat day if you trying to be healthy, you deserve it! Ordering Chinese or Indian takeout, and obviously continuing that TV show you had started earlier in the day, may be what you need to end this day in.giphy-6

Go To Sleep:

Now since your lazy day in is over, you can go to bed feeling refreshed and ready to go back to reality. I would recommend to go to bed earlier, and feel more awake and fresh the next day. Wear something cute and take your time feeling confident, it will make you much more sure of yourself throughout the day and make you seem more approachable. A day in is something we all need once in a while, to get away from all the stress and pressure and just think of ourselves and our best interests.

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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