8 Swimsuits of This Summer

Though we all are aware the summer is crawling away to an unfortunate end, the heat will last a little longer, meaning that bathing is still an option. We can spend our lovely last days of the holiday by catching a glimpse of the sun that gave us a tan a few weeks ago and cutting waves of water that cooled us off from high temperatures.

Look over your bikini photographs and, if you are not pleased with them, consider it a sign of needed change. I have prepared for you a list, which you may undoubtedly recognise, of bathing suits which are in fashion these days. From Shay Mitchell’s love towards one-piece swimsuits to the brought-back trend of high waisted bikini, there are 8 bathing suits you should know about.

1. High Cut One-Piece

It is not a curiosity anymore that trends are changing and, more or less, repeating themselves. High waisted jeans, for instance, were the most famous 1940s trend which lasted over a few decades until they became the style only for hippies. Recently, they have taken the fashion industry with such popularity that if you don’t have at least one pair of high waisted trousers, you may be considered someone who needs to update their closet.

High cut bathing suits are back in fashion, as they were decades ago, and particularly one-pieces are rocking this style better on bodies.

2. White Bathing Suit

White is a well-known colour for lingerie, hence why many people avoid it when picking bikinis. It makes them feel as if they are bathing in their personal lingerie rather than a swimsuit, seeing as the colour is one that pops out. Nevertheless, celebrities such as the Kardashians have shown that you can wear white bathing suits without it making you feel uncomfortable.

3. Backless One-Piece

It is becoming a pattern, unless you haven’t noticed yet, that one-pieces are becoming very popular. Celebrities seem to prefer one-pieces to bikinis, with Shay Mitchell even admitting that it makes her feel sexier. She added that you can be a lot more creative with one-pieces, and an example would be backless ones, which she tends to wear as well.

4. Neon Bikini


This is a style that may not fit everyone’s likes, and a reason for it would be because it attracts too much perhaps unwanted attention onto your body at the beach. Neon bikinis are something that have only lately become a centre of attention, with brands like Triangl selling mass amounts of them.

5. One-Piece with Straps

Straps are another way to make one-pieces more creative. Though they may be hard to untangle at points, they look amazing on any body and are perfect for photoshoots. They can make a woman look artistic without her even posing. They turn one-piece swimsuits into something that anyone can rock.

6. Turtleneck Bikini Top

Let me frank: I never thought this was actually going to ever be a thing, but guess what? It actually looks really peak! I find it quite the out-of-ordinary, which is what makes it so special. However, this is the type of bikini top that would not play the role of advantaging many women (particularly those with a large chest). Gigi Hadid does quite rock them though, but then again she rocks in anything.

7. Floral Swimwear

Floral swimwear is definitely going to play a big role in the atmosphere you create with your look, yet this is the type of appearance you will most likely want to go for if you are traveling to an exotic, tropical location. That is when this swimsuit will be in its best light. Surely, you understand why. I mean, you would basically be able to camouflage if you tried hard enough!

8. Crochet Bikini


Crochet bikinis are another example of bathing suits that I would have never expected to rise to be so popular among bathers. Although it looks quite fabulous, there have also been complaints of it enlarging when wet. Yet after all, is it such a big surprise that crochet bikinis loosen up when wet? They are like any other casual piece of clothing we wear daily.

Trends are altering, so by next summer these stylish bikinis and one-pieces might be considered outdated. Comment below what your favourite bathing look is and whether or not it has been included in this article!

All of the images were screenshotted from Instagram accounts as they appear in the images displayed.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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