How To Throw The Best Party

Planning on throwing a party? Here are some tips that will guarantee that your party will be unforgettable. Whether it’s a birthday, house, end-of-summer, Halloween, Christmas, or pool party, everyone needs some help on how to make it the best. Moreover,giphy.gif as a host, there will be a lot of stress on you, and often it happens that the host barely has any fun. After all, hosting a party may increase your level of popularity…or dramatically decrease it. In the end, it could make your future better or worse, which is why throwing a mad party is important. No need to worry about that too much, however. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be bound to have a good night.

Make your guests feel welcome

Greet your party folk at the door, offer them a drink, and introduce them to the other guests. First impressions are very important and so is making sure your guests are having a good time from the beginning.giphy (1).gif

Keep it simple

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” -Coco Chanel

You don’t want people thinking you are trying too hard to organise the party of the year, so it’s best to keep it simple. Of course, have the appropriate design (lights, snacks, drinks, music, and so on), yet don’t decorate the place too much. For instance, no one is going to come to a house party expecting full meals. Depending on the budget and type of party, you might need to re-think hiring a DJ. You would be surprised how easily people can have fun with little. Simplicity does the job.

Ask for helpgiphy (2).gif

It is hard to keep everyone happy on your own. Ask your friends to help out with giving out snacks and drinks and greeting people. This will lift a great weight off your shoulders, making you seem calmer and giving you more time to enjoy yourself. 

Have an exciting guest list

Invite many people of different ages or from different groups and neighbourhoods. A mix up of guests guarantees everyone making new friends and it makes it a more fun event. The best thing is when people can make new friends. Thus, be flexible with the people you allow at your party. Differences is what will attract attention.

Remember to put your guests first

Put your guests before yourself. Always. As a host, this is the part that sucks the most, but it’s what will make people recognise you as someone who organises well-planned parties. Before you can enjoy yourself, make sure everyone else is. Keep your eyes on everyone, talk to those who seem a bit left out, make sure to get refills, and keep everything under control.giphy (3).gif

We all love food

Everyone needs energy, and there must be snacks. Have some chips, chocolates, biscuits, small desserts, and some sandwiches ready for those who might get hungry. You can never go wrong with snacks.

Keep it fun with other activities

Have some indoor activities or fun games like limbo or billiard. However, this obviously depends on the party you are throwing. A slumber party would definitely require a list of games you could play, yet a low-budgeted house party would not need anything. 

Have an alternative, quiet area

People do sometimes get tired of loud music, and there should be an indoor room without music or a back yard to go for a little escape. This will be the place for you guests to go for a little less chaos.14182664_1175092319228558_859396044_n

Let the music do its job

Have a music playlist ready, but also take suggestions from your guests. Set the mood with low music and slowly turn up the volume. The music is what makes everyone dance, and if everyone is dancing, then everyone is having fun. Also, make sure that the music is appropriate; in other words, make sure it’s the type that people can dance to. I mean, is a party really a party if there is no music?

Time for the fun to start

Timing is important when throwing a party. The best parties are nearly always at night, late enough so that people have already had dinner and won’t be very hungry at yours. A lot of guests will also usually turn up intentionally late to make sure they are not first. Thus, do not worry if the first few minutes of your party is actually relatively quiet and calm. Wait for people to turn up and things will undoubtedly turn into a real party.

Time for the fun to end

Sadly, the fun has to end and there has to be a clear time that everyone must leave. Parties shouldn’t be too long, or else you might risk your guests getting bored. Between 3 to 4 hours leaves everyone wanting more, which is a good ending because that means they enjoyed themselves. Be aware that there are always people who won’t want to leave when the party is over, so you will have to be a little harsh and force them out. It’s completely normal.

The best parties are always planned ahead of time, and aren’t missing any of the points above. The most important thing when throwing a party though is the environment. So make sure to think of all the possibilities and keep your guests happy. Hope you have a great party! 

Article by Roxana Lazar

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