How To Draw The Perfect Eye

We all have those moments where we get inspired by a form of art, and want to make some of our own. We buy pencils, erasers and good quality paper and start drawing, but sometimes we see ourselves failing. The key is, you can’t achieve the best at the beginning, you have to start from the ground and make your way to the top. Although I am somewhere in the middle of that ground and sky metaphor, I think I am experienced enough to make this article.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional artist, as I stated before. Some of my tips may not be very helpful, as I’ve never taken professional drawing lessons and every artist has a different way of drawing, some draw by lines, others by circles, so if my method doesn’t work for you, feel free to experiment and try out new ways and techniques! But other than that, please enjoy and have fun drawing the perfect eye!

This process has 8 Steps:

1: Lines

Draw four straight lines, and then erase the third.IMG_20160827_212656

2: Outline

Draw the outline of the waterline. Make it two simple strokes of your pencil, don’t shade it or, as I like to call it, draw the two lines with “chicken strokes.” This is when you make many tiny lines, over each other, to create one big one, this doesn’t look good and it makes the line look fuzzy (and it’s also very hard to work with!).IMG_20160827_2129453: Eyelid

Now, you can draw the eyelid over the eye, don’t make it too sloped or the eye will look bored and sleepy (unless, of course, this is the look you’re going for). Also outline where the eyelid hoods, try to make it the same shape as the top lash line of the eye. After you finish outlining, you can erase all the lines we drew in step number one.IMG_20160827_2130154: Pupil

Draw the iris of the eye, a circle, and then make a slightly smaller circle inside of it. The smaller circle, obviously, is the pupil of the eye. To make it more realistic, draw two bubbles (wherever you want) in the pupil, this will give the effect of a reflection. Now, you have to color in the iris, draw small strokes from the outer of the pupil towards the middle, and then do the same from the inner towards the middle, you should have this “popping” effect when you’re done.IMG_20160827_2131005: Eyelashes

Eyelashes, important parts of the eye. Eyelashes really can make the eye look amazing, or just plain horrible, but drawing them are fun (and hard)! You can’t just draw lines out from the lash line, you have have a circular motion towards the end of the eye and up. Also, create a variety of size, make the ones closer to your tear duct smaller and the ones closer to the end of the eye, longer and darker. Do the same with the lower lashes, but these are closer in size and shorter than the top lashes.IMG_20160827_2131556: Eyebrow

Now it is time for the eyebrow! There are lots of types of eyebrows, and you can draw any but our generation is obsessed with the fuller, bigger and messier eyebrows (sort of the eyebrow I will be going for). Lightly draw the shape, and the with small “chicken strokes” draw the hair. Make sure to make it look natural, press slightly harder for some hairs, for a darker effect. Draw lots of hair, this will make it look more natural but don’t make it too dark. Make sure all the strokes are vivid and that you’re not just coloring it in.IMG_20160827_2134137: Shadow

Shading is very important to making the eye look more realistic. Marking where the light is coming from helps. Shade behind the lashes, shade lightly around the lashlines, behind the eyelid, very lightly under the lash line (on top of the sclera), and around the eyelid. Shade until you like the way it looks, you can never overdo light shading!IMG_20160827_2124388: Appreciate your work

We’re done! Now, you just have to study it, take mental notes on what you could improve and what you like about the eye! This is a great way to improve your art.

And now since we’re all done, TKT crew would love to see your artwork! You can send it to us by email ( , and on Instagram or Twitter (@thekookootalk), the crew looks forward to seeing all your artwork! What’s your favorite thing to draw? Why is it your favorite?giphy

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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