Why So Much Hate on Pewdiepie?

Felix Kjellburg is a swedish comedian, more widely known as Pewdiepie. If you don’t know who Pewdiepie is, then I’m afraid you’ve been living under a rock. With nearly 48 million subscribers on Youtube and still growing numbers, Pewdiepie is the most watched youtuber. He’s got bros, as  he likes to call his fans, supporting him from all over the world, but no youtuber is perfect, and the haters are always gonna hate. Haters are, by the end of the day, the reason of popularity. I mean, you’ve got to ask yourself, would Pewdiepie even be famous if it weren’t for his haters? So let’s talk about why so many people dislike him. Here are some opinions I found online.


“I think it’s because he is making a lot of money without making an effort.” -Alfred

“The haters hate pewdiepie because they think pewdiepie just does it for the money not for his fans.”-Joshua

“He’s a full-grown adult, yet acts in his videos like a spoiled 8 year old who just learned a few swears and whose parents aren’t around to punish him!”-Noah

“He’s more about quantity than quality.”-Anonymous

“He’s fake, he purposely does things so he can scream and act scared.”-Vick

“Making comedy is good but his jokes are mostly rude. And most of his fans are kids and his jokes may be a plague to their minds.”-Alfie

“Incredibly loud and obnoxious and extremely annoying and immature.”-Anonymous

“Many people are just jealous because they manage their own youtube channel, and it’s nowhere near as successful as Pewdiepie’s.”-Sophy

“It isn’t really PewDiePie’s fault, but his fans are ridiculously annoying and immature.”-Alisha

Nevertheless, despite all of the haters, Pewdiepie is still growing on youtube, and it is clear to see that he is acknowledging his viewers’ opinions and trying to fix his flaws. His videos have much better quality nowadays, and at the moment he is taking a one week break from youtube, which proves that he isn’t all about quantity, and instead more about quality, contrary to a negative opinion mentioned above.large.gif

Some people also say that he has changed and that they miss the old Pewdiepie, and from time to time, I do too, yet everyone changes. Although he is maturing, he is still immature enough to make you laugh and is becoming more famous off that. Even better, he doesn’t let anything get in the way of showing his appreciation to all of his supporters. He is aware
at times when he says something that could be offensive, and it is clear to see that Marzia (his long-term girlfriend) is a good influence on him. Let’s face it, I mean, aren’t they the

Sure, he’s got some imperfections, but in the end he is still Pewdiepie and he never fails to entertain.

What do you think about Pewdiepie? Are you a hater or a bro, and why?

Article by Roxana Lazar

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