How To Stay Organized For School

School is right around the corner, and for some, it has already started, and we all dread going back. One of the biggest problems of students are mess, most students tend to be messy because we simply don’t have the time and patience to clean up. If you follow some of these organization tips, you can go through this school year without a messy mind, desk and room!

1. Order

If you seem to find things in places where they don’t belong, ordering it might be helpful. Arrange your books alphabetically, your pencils/markers/pens by color, and just try storing things in boxes (not the cardboard boring ones, you can make your own or buy cute ones from anywhere). Tip: label the boxes, or shelves, for easier management.

2. Lists

Have two to-do lists, one for smaller things (i.e. buy a notebook for Math, finish English homework, buy a gift for *friend’s name*) and another for bigger achievements (i.e. pass English, start on project for March). Lists are very useful, if you can stick to it.

3. Planner

This one is similar to the Lists, but the planner puts them to action. You can combine the both, if you want, or you can keep them separately. With the planner, you make personal appointments, and if you follow it up, you’ll see that it can be very useful. You can write out the due dates for assignments, the dates of the exams and important dates like birthdays and holidays. So you never forget important things, and it is a great thing for time management, also a big step forward for staying organized.

4. Binder

I think we all can agree that it’s the worst when there’s paper lying around everywhere and you’re not even sure what they’re for. Folders will solve that problem for you, just keep them organized. I would suggest having a few folders, or one big binder separated by bookmark sticky notes. Trust me, this really helps, and you won’t have to shove paper in your backpack and then find it two months later with other useless papers. You can put it in your binder/folder and see your life get ten times easier.

5. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes/post-it notes can really help you out while at school. In number four (Binder) we used it to separate sections for your binder, but they can also be used pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Let’s say you are reading a book for a class, and you were asked to take notes on the book. While reading, you find a good place to take notes, but you don’t want to take out your big, bulky notebook, sticky notes are perfectly small and useful, and as the name suggests, they’re sticky so they stick to the page. Sticky notes are also really nice for leaving small notes for yourself, small reminders, if keeping lists seems like too much work and a waste of time (which I assure you, if you get the hang of using it every day, it’s not). We all have different ways of keeping organized, yours could be through sticky notes.

And that’s it! I hope these tips help you to a better, more organized, school year (or at least the closest to organized a student’s life can get). Which one of these tips are you planning to use? And which subjects do you love/hate at school/college?

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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