Health Apps You Have To Download

Unless you’re a fitness fanatic, you are probably lazy (like most of us) when it comes to trying to be healthy. We all want an easy way out of this repeating cycle of dieting/exercising and quitting. These four apps will help you keep track of your health and motivate you to be healthier.

1. Plant Nanny (Fourdesire):

This app helps you keep track of the water you drink and it tells you if it’s enough. When you first download this app, you write your weight and how active your body is. After you fill out information about yourself you will be able to set an alarm reminder to remind you to drink water. You pick an adorable plant, name it and every time you drink water (and record it on your device) it waters the plant. You watch your little plant grow, and you see yourself grow healthier as well!

2. Walkr (Fourdesire):

This app gets you more active, it’s almost like Pokemon GO, without the Pokemon (but I promise you, it has a prize). Each time you take a step, it transfers it to energy and with that energy you can create planets and Dfrs. Dfrs also feed your planets, it’s almost as if you’re growing and helping your pet while being healthy and active.It’s better than most step tracking apps because it’s actually quite fun to get achievements and expand space for more planets.

3. Stop, Breathe and Think (Tools For Peace):

When you’re stressed, you want an instant access to something that can relax you, this app will do just that. First, it lets you figure out your feelings and then it gives you a selection of tracks you can listen to. After you make you pick, a woman will speak to you with a calming voice and talk about the subject. Continue this for a while and see your progress.

4. Period Tracker (Deltaworks):

This app is probably the most useful for all the girls out there! This app tracks your monthly cycle (as long as you don’t forget to fill it in every month) and it tells you approximately when your next period is. We all know that this is very useful for us, girls.

After you’ve downloaded these apps and used them regularly, you will see yourself being that much closer to your perfect health state. Always remember, motivation is key!

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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