Things Siblings Can Relate To

Siblings, we all know they can be a pain in the butt. If you have a sibling and feel like they’re a nightmare that’s come to life, you’re not alone. Here are some things that every sibling can relate to.

1. Take Me With You

Older siblings always get annoyed when the younger sibling asks to go with them everywhere, literally, whether it is to the bathroom or the older siblings’ friend’s house.

2. Hand-Me-Downs

In the end, you grow out of clothes. What happens to them? Throwing them away would just be a waste when they’re “in perfect state and totally wearable!” So our parents pass them on to the younger ones.

3. Package Deal

You’re nearly always both invited into birthday parties, or friendly events.

4. Oldest First

The older siblings always gets their name called first. (Ex: Bianca and Roxana or Nicky and Marjona)

5. Memory Lane

Since you spent most your whole life with your sibling, you share the most memories with them and at the most random times you will find yourself saying, “Do you remember that one time…” or “Oh my God, do you remember when we…”

6. Offending is Fun

If anyone knows how to push your buttons and get you angry, it’s your sibling. It’s fun to just watch your sibling get all red with anger.

7. Only You Can Offend Them

Yes, you can call them fat, ugly or stupid, but if anyone else dares to call them anything that you would, they’re getting a beating.

8. Sharing is Caring

You have to share EVERYTHING; clothes, food, friends, etc.

9. Mistaken Identities

Your parents will mix up your names without noticing sometimes.

10. Mutual Hatred

You bond stronger over people you both loathe. Gossip is great fun with siblings.

11. Tattletale

It is impossible to resist the urge to tell on your sibling, not just because it’s entertaining to watch them get into trouble, but also to be your parents’ favorite.

12. Favoritism

There are time when you feel like your sibling is liked more than you.

13. Substitute Parent

You sometimes find yourself in situations where you have to be the more mature one between you and your sibling/s.

14. Fights

There’s been times when you found yourself in a fight-to-the-death duel with your sibling.

15. Feeling Bad

Even if you do enjoy them getting in trouble, you can’t help but feel bad when your parents scold them.

Can you and your sibling relate to any of these?

Article by Roxana Lazar

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