Life in Color

from @LicTour on instagram

You may have heard of the once-in-a-year, worldwide event called Life in Color. This is a festival filled with paint and it lasts a whole day. They have multiple DJs and various colors of paint which they spray throughout the show. I attended this festival in Istanbul, Turkey on the 6th of August. Originally, the festival is from noon until midnight, but my friend and I decided to go at four until whenever we got tired. This was my first musical festival and I was very excited, but what I didn’t know is that so many things could happen in a span of a few hours!


i apologize for the quality, this was taken through a waterproof case

I was casually just lounging around and watching Gossip Girl (which I recently really got into and am about finishing half a season a day) when I got a text from my friend, Zeynep, saying she’s leaving the house. I panicked for a second and as fast as I could, I got dressed and put the tiniest bit of makeup on and prepared my backpack, packing only essentials (i.e. phone, money, tissues) for it to not be heavy. Then, we headed out, driving to the destination, Lifepark (where the event was taking place at). We were finding a place to park when I realized, I had forgotten my ticket. So in frustration and embarrassment of making my friend wait for me, we went back and got my ticket and my mom gave me two big sandwiches for us to eat in the festival. We got back to the entrance of the festival as fast as we could, and when we got there I greeted my friend with apologies. We quickly entered the festival and we had to pass through security which checked our bags, totally understandable considering the recent events that had happened here, but what we didn’t know was that food was also not allowed. So they took out the two sandwiches and some of the snacks my friend had brought and just started giving them out to the other guards while giving me my backpack. I gave my friend a look of confusion when they told us to hurry up, so without complaint we just entered the festival. We were somewhat far from the stage and were already shouting to be heard by the other person.


IMG_20160810_210944The first hour went by slowly and, to be honest, was a bore until we eased into the environment and the loud booming music, soon we found ourselves laughing and dancing to the music. We went closer to the stage and were not sorry, they were spraying paint in sync with the music. Colors of blue, green and pink were splashing on me, it felt amazing, but also incredibly sticky.

IMG-20160806-WA0026Our day, summed up, would be us going in and out of the crowd (going out when we were getting tired and in when we were rested enough), and I noticed a few things that many people were doing; making out, sitting on each others’ shoulders, buying paint and spraying everyone, and half the people being drunk and smoking. I actually got burnt by one of the cigarettes that were getting smoked, it burned for a second but quickly passed. After seeing everyone buying individual paint, we decided to do the same; I got pink paint while Zeynep got blue. We were laughing and pouring it on each other and ourselves while many strangers were asking to pour paint on them too, some even took ours and started squeezing the paint out on us. By the end of the day, I was covered in colors; my hair, face, clothes, arms, legs and even in my stomach! I took a shower the moment I got home, and let me tell you, it is very hard to wash out gooey paint.

I reflect on the day as a good experience and a really fun one. I am definitely getting a ticket for next year’s Life in Color when they are on sale, and I will NOT be forgetting it this time!

Article by Nigina lkhomova

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