Why You Should Visit Georgia

The summer is slowly coming to an end, but that makes no excuse for having one more trip to a beautiful country! But which country? Georgia is the answer. I’ve been to Georgia for only a few days and it was when we randomly decided to go there during a weekend in early October of 2015. When I went, I found out that two days is definitely not enough for a country that is rich of culture like Georgia.Screenshot (101)

When we first got off the plane, late Friday night (the flight was only two hours), we got on a taxi and told the address of the hotel. In Georgia their main languages are Georgian (obviously), Russian and English, although the elders tend to speak Russian more than the youngsters, who speak better English. The taxi driver told us about the history of Georgia and Tbilisi, their capital. It was very interesting but eventually I had zoned out of the conversation, staring at the beauty of the narrow streets and greenery of the city and this was only the ride from the airport to the hotel.

Screenshot (100)We got to the hotel and fell asleep almost instantly, the following morning we woke up just in time for breakfast. And the breakfast was great, what I specifically remember liking are the different types of cheese they had laid out for us. Afterwards, we met up with my dad’s old friend and he showed us around the city. We went inside cute boutique shops, we sat down and had a little snack and the day passed really well.
We also went into a cheese and wine festival, and it didn’t seem at all of a big deal to the Georgian folks.

Picture taken by @MalikaAbdimom on instagram, follow her for more adventurous photos.

Screenshot (104)The next day, we went to a small town called Mtskheta. The town didn’t have any skyscrapers of any sort and was very old fashioned, something I loved about the town. We went inside a church, we walked around and I bought a creepy witch doll for very cheap. Screenshot (103)I also loved the continous style of art I saw everywhere, it was very different from the art style I was used to seeing, very unique.
We had food there, Georgian Cuisine. Famous Georgian food includes Khinkali, ajapsandali, mitsvadi (shashlik), and lobiani. The food is just amazing and filled with flavor.

If you want to see everything I am talking about, I documented my trip and you can click here to watch it! I hope you like it and please excuse the vertical cuts, it was meant for just me and my family and never thought I would be writing about my trip on a blog!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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