What To Know of Cheddar Gorge

Let’s begin with a short analyzation of Cheddar Gorge the name itself of a location in the UK, England. Gorge, as defined, is “a narrow cleft with steep, rocky walls, especially one through which stream runs”, or, put simply, “a small canyon”. Cheddar, as we know it, is cheese. Alright, so what we have so far is a cheese canyon, or something like that. Well, 13931592_1144040725667051_1195526052_odetails obviously go a little further than that. 13931505_1144040722333718_1530238053_o.jpg

Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge located by a small town called Cheddar, in Somerset, England. The village is well known for its cheddar cheese, seeing as that was one of their main sources for wealth historically alongside farming, hence the name. This cheese is still sometimes stored in the caves, which can be found in the gorge, to mature.

What you will find at Cheddar Gorge is mostly dramatic cliffs and stalactite caverns. There is available, and I highly suggest it, a hike which will take you on top of the hills themselves for outstanding views of the Cheddar village. Besides this, what makes it a popular attraction for families in particular is the ease of leaving children to enjoy rock climbing and caving activities. These events are professionally organised and supervised all the time. There is also an (extremely) short bus tour that will summarize how the rock formations came to be and how they were named. It plays the role as a relaxing warm-up. 13898716_1144040732333717_217575307_o

Ending my personal trip with food shopping, focused on cheddar cheese of course, I spent the day hiking. The hike is not particularly relaxing—in fact, it is actually quite tiring, especially if the sun is out and it is humid (that’s how it was when I was there). Thus, make sure  you have your sunscreen on as well as a summer hat to bring some shade. Sunglasses are also needed, considering the best time to go to Cheddar Gorge would have to undoubtedly be in the heat season. 13901853_1144040729000384_778814371_o.jpg

In my opinion, the area is great for families with smaller children, but those with older ones can complete the hiking route and still be pleased by the end of the day. A lot about the history of the village and the gorge of Cheddar can be learnt about, which is never anything else but great! And the best part yet? It’s an all-free dog zone! How cool is that?

Article by Bianca Lazar

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