Where in Greece to Go This Summer

Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is a peninsula entering into the Mediterranean Sea from borders with Albania, Turkey, Republic of Macedonia, and Bulgaria. I hope I am not speaking details which are news to you; this is general knowledge. Nevertheless, it seems quite crucial that the geography of this country is correctly introduced to you, as Greece is made up of around 6,000 islands. That’s right, 6,000 unique islands of different sizes and with a beautiful diversity of beaches, and not only. Keep in mind that 80% of the country consists of mountains or hills, and there are several volcanoes to see as well.

It seems that more and more people are investing on visiting Greece, and it really is no surprise. I’ve been to Greece twice, and it won’t be long until that number increases once again. If, for some absurd reason, you are not attracted to this country which is sometimes even entitled the birthplace of Western civilization, then keep reading and I promise you will want to rethink your To Do List. The summer of 2016 is the perfect time for you to go see Greece, and do not let the fact that we are halfway through the holidays bring you down. Whether you live in Europe or halfway across the world, Greece can play the perfect role of a spontaneous and get-away vacation. Allow me to elaborate.


Most famous for archaeological ruins and monuments, Athens is the capital of Greece. It was the center of Greek civilization for about 4,000 years, and this can still be noticed now, with landmarks from its time as the historic capital of Europe: Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Ancient Agora of Athens, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Erechtheion, and so many more.

Greek Island: Santorini

This is perhaps the most popular DSC00311destination of the Greek islands. It is famous for its beaches of black sands or volcanic pebbles, the calm, romantic town placed on a hilltop made of mostly white traditional homes, and an active volcano. According to the Greek Tourism Organisation, “The islands that form Santorini came into existence as a result of intensive volcanic activity; twelve huge eruptions occurred, one every 20,000 years approximately, and each violent eruption caused the collapse of the volcano’s central part creating a large crater. The volcano, however, managed to recreate itself over and over again.”

Greek Island: CreteDSC07189

Crete is the largest Greek island. The best thing to do here is to rent a car and simply travel to all of the beautiful beaches, starting from the main city, Heraklion, and going south through an adventurous, mountainous, narrow route. In many cases, you can even just walk from the main island to Elafonisi, for example, to find spectacular white-sand beaches. Yet, trust me, these aren’t your usual beaches. They look as if an artist created them, and I am not even kidding.DSC01763


Meteora actually means “high in the air”, which fits perfectly, considering it is practically made out of giant rock structures on hilltops surrounded by mountains and hills. It is the true description of breathtaking. The area is filled with monasteries, aside from the huge monolithic pillars. It is almost as if another world was created, suspended in the air, high above reality. You’ve got to see it to believe it!


Subsequent to Athens, Delphi is the second most popular visited archeological site in Greece. It was believed, by ancient people, to be the centre of the universe once. The chief sightseeing locations here would include theP3290891.JPG Temple of Apollo and the Athenian Treasury which was constructed by Athenians to withhold events of the ancient Pythian games. To be in the centre of the theatre brings a brief breeze of the dedications towards the sanctuary of Apollo which took place in that precise spot after its completed construction in approximately 502 BC.

Nevertheless, your visiting locations in Greece will vary, mostly depending on your transportation choices. Many people who choose to travel by car, will visit several cities in a row, mostly contouring the northern region of Greece, considering it is closer. Parking the car, they would then grab a ferry which would take them to one of the many mesmerizing Greek islands.

There are so many beautiful places in Greece that a single trip would not even begin to describe it. However, it is almost crucial that Greece remains at the top of your travel list. There is so much culture combined with romantic beaches that it is now becoming a very popular destination for honeymoons as well as for family vacations.

Don’t you agree? Let me know your thoughts on Greece!

Article by Bianca Lazar

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