Conspiracy Theories To Keep You Up At Night

We have all heard about how people think the moon landing was fake or that all celebrities are joined in the Illuminati, which make us question what is real and what is fake, these are conspiracy theories. There are uncountable amount of conspiracy theories out there, and some are really dark and creepy. Here are some conspiracy theories that I think are the creepiest of all.

The IIlluminati

Let’s start out by the biggest and creepiest conspiracy theory, the New World Order a.k.a. the Illuminati. The Illuminati originally was created in the first of May, 1776. The founder of Bavarian Illuminati was Adam Weishaupt. It is believed that their aim was to control the world with one government. They were suppressed by churches and the Bavarian ruler, but nobody truly believed they stopped, and even today people think that there is an secret society that calls themselves the Illuminati. The main symbol of the Illuminati is a goat. Why a goat? Because it represents Baphomet, which is the idea of a god they worship. The Illuminati is believed to control all that we see on the media and manipulate our minds, people think that most celebrities are a part of this, and the ones who have tried to get out of this secret society were killed.

Now, the proof. People think that the success of the biggest celebrities like Beyonce and Michael Jackson were because of the Illuminati. Actually, people think that the King of Pop didn’t die of an illness of any sort, but instead killed by the Illuminati. He had made a speech about how companies take advantage of musicians and tears them. And he had announced he wanted to get out of a deal with Sony, he also said that Sony was angry at him because of it. Sony is also believed to be the biggest company supporter of the Illuminati. People think that it was much more that Michael Jackson was trying to get out of and towards the end of the speech he says, “Tommy Mottola is a devil.” Tommy Mottola, at the time, was the head of Sony Music. His sister claimed that he was murdered and didn’t die from an overdose of pills or anything of the sort. People took that to think that he was murdered by the New World Order because he wasn’t cooperating anymore.

Another big example of the Illuminati controlling the music industry is Beyonce. She had released an album called Sasha Fierce, and she made it a representation of herself. She said that the birth of Sasha Fierce was in the video “Crazy in Love,” which was also her first single after leaving Destiny’s Child. The so-called “birth” happened when Beyonce was trapped in the car and Jay Z (also known to be a big part of the Illuminati) burned the car leading to believe of the “death” of Beyonce. When Beyonce went on the Oprah Show, she was asked by Oprah, “When you’re getting ready to go on stage and perform, Sasha Fierce, when does she show up?”

Beyonce replies with, “Usually when I hear the crowd, when I put on my stilettos, like the moment right before, when you’re nervous, and that other thing takes over for you.” That line was argued by many and some have thought it to be her being possessed by a demon Sasha Fierce.

I, personally, don’t believe most of these theories about the Illuminati, but they sure do freak me out.


For many years this theory has been going around, that all celebrities are cloned and micro-chipped by the government. Ever since Dolly the sheep has been cloned, people went on to believe that if a sheep could be cloned, what is to stop the government from cloning people? Now, why would they want to clone people? Conspiracy theorists believe the government kills, clones and chips celebrities to control us. If our favorite celebrity says something, like, ‘donuts are the best’ and brings lots of attention to donuts, his/her fans will follow and have a great liking for donuts, and that is the mentality of this cloning thing. Celebrities like Tila Tequila and B.o.B. have spoken out about this, in one of Tila Tequila’s tweets, she says: “In 2012 after I died I was replaced with a clone aka me now and was microchip and was activated after the fallout of 2013 and 2015.” In another tweet, she says: “Just shut up and take more vaccines and become more handicapped than y’all already are.”

The musician B.o.B. has also spoken out about this in his twitter, here are some of his tweets about this whole cloning celebrities thing: “Every time you see a celebrity ‘randomly’ lose their minds = cloning center,” “When a celebrity in great health suddenly suffered a stroke, heart attack, aunerism = cloning center,” and finally, “hundreds of kids go missing each year = cloning center.” And these are just a selection of many. Even Nicki Minaj had something to say on her twitter, using the hashtag #stophumancloning. Some of the tweets I state in this article has been deleted, but there are pictures and evidence of them. Theorists believe that Twitter is controlled by the people who do cloning, and tried to erase all evidence of celebrities coming out about cloning.

Area 51

One of the biggest mysteries we all wonder about is Area 51. So, what is the Area 51? Area 51 is controlled by the U.S. government and it is a military based location. And it’s purpose is to test weapons and air crafts. The government takes a blind eye at it and doesn’t acknowledge it much, which has some people wondering, what is in there that is so private? Some say the government is hiding aliens, others say they’re planning on working together with the aliens, either way, it’s about extra-terrestrials. In 1989, a man named Bob Lazar started claiming he saw a selection of different alien air crafts, he also said he was an engineer there. He provided lots of detail on these crafts and how they work, one thing he said was that some of them have the element 115. That’s weird because that element was later discovered in 2003 the element named Ununpentium. Lazar also said that aliens have been visiting Earth for over 100,000 years!

The only way to get the slightest glimpse of what is in Area 51 is in Tikaboo Peak, but that is 42 miles away from the area, you would need binoculars to see. Many people are dying to know what’s in there and the curiosity could bring to theories, this could all be not true and maybe it is a military base where they test out their super secret engines and weapons. Historically, this is true, during the World War II, the military needed a safe place out of people’s sights to test out new creations. So, this could all be just a theory and only that, or there could be aliens, nevertheless it is hard to find information on Area 51.

I don’t know what I think about Area 51, but I definitely believe there are aliens (and I don’t think they have big black eyes and a big head, I don’t believe they are the way the media shows them to be, but rather much different.) and that the government is hiding SOME sort of information about them.

Lizard People

Yes, you heard right, this conspiracy theory consists of shape-shifting reptile people. As crazy as this sounds, over 12 million Americans believe this is true. The whole theory started when a conspiracy theorist David Icke published a book called ‘The Biggest Secret,’ in the book he claims that the leaders of our world have so much power because they’re a secret group of shape-shifting reptilians. Icke thinks that the reptilians have been around for 200,000 years and were attracted by a mineral on earth, but no one has proof of that mineral. He also believes that this mineral gave them enough to be able to shape-shift and rule our world, he says that these reptilians created the media, science, and the internet to control humans. He’s not the only one who’s claimed this, many other authors and conspiracy theorists have backed him and agreed.


There are countless conspiracy theories out there, but these are the few that I found creepiest. Personally, I don’t believe what I see or hear without strong evidence to back it up, some of these theories have strong evidence and others you just have to trust your gut on whether to believe it or dismiss it as just a silly theory.

Which of these theories creeped you out the most?

Artcle by Nigina Ilkhomova

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