What Colours Fit You Best

We are talking clothing here. Has it ever happened to you to see someone (someone you see regularly) but just think WOW YOU LOOK SO GOOD TODAY? Sometimes it happens, and often it takes you a while to understand what it is that makes them look so different and good at the same time. Chances are, they are probably just dressed in a new colour which fits them incredibly.DSC_0710

It’s good to know what clothing colour fits you best, for example, if you are having your yearbook photos taken soon. There are several things you could take into consideration when choosing what to wear on those special occasions, specifically to put some focus on another feature of your body.  

Below are the top three things you should think about before picking an outfit for a special event, whether it is a wedding or some photo shoot for a new Facebook profile picture.

Eye Colour

Basically, match your eye colour. However, it does make a bigger difference if you have a rarer eye colour. For myself, I have green eyes, and dressing in green sometimes really does put attention onto them. It’s a little bit of casual, subtle matching. Sadly, it’s hard for people to notice your effort unless they catch you up from closer.

Hair Colour

This is quite a big one. You may want to create contrast from time to time. That is why I may look better in a white shirt than in a black one, considering I have dark blonde/light brown hair. My sister (Roxana Lazar) has blonde hair, and when she dresses in black or any sort of dark top, it really makes a difference, accentuating her pleasant hair shades. All in all, a nice contrast will spark some attention onto you.

DSC_0546Skin Colour

This is a pretty obvious one. If you are extremely pale and won’t be considering a fake tan, then don’t put on a white dress for prom. You know what I mean? Surely that white dress is beautiful, but it won’t look as good on you as it would on your friend who just came back from her exotic vacation in The Caribbean.

Finally, once you’ve decided your outfit, make sure you follow the next step: accessorize. This should also be done with carefulness, if you really want to be flamboyant at an event.

Of course, do not get me wrong, as the above points aren’t always true. Try on different tones of clothing and see which one fits you best. There are many other factors that will drive the conclusion to whether you are dressed to rock those spotlights, like confidence. Be confident in whatever you are dressed in. You won’t always have so many options to fulfill the alleged perfect look. If you are confident with yourself, others will perceive you positively.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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