12 TV Shows to Binge Watch

No matter how much control you have over your time spent on the internet, or how much it costs to have Netflix, there are some TV shows you simply can’t avoid binge watching. From horror to comedy, mystery to romance, drama to entertainment, here is a list of 12 series NO ONE can help not becoming addicted to and binge watching.13647106_1138249919579465_254386282_o

  1. Friends

This 1994-2004 TV show is about a circle of 6 friends in their mid-twenties that live in Manhattan. You just can’t help watching their ultimate journey and wishing for their type of friendship.

Anne Kathleen Jones says, “It never fails to make me laugh.”

  1.  Gossip Girl

2007-2012 probably looked like the coolest years possible in this 6-season TV show. It’s not only “the only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”, but it is also a great source of entertainment which makes you envy the rich of the upper east side. This 13835705_1138249942912796_1489754860_odramatic and humorous TV show will most certainly drag you into their problematic lives.

Bianca Lazar claims that it is “top quality, with good looking actors with strong personalities. You really create bonds with them by the end of the show.”

  1.  Dexter

   From 2006-2013, this TV show follows Dexter Morgan, a blood analyst, who is also a 13835800_1138249969579460_1221699774_omurderer that only targets other killers. Set in Miami, this crime, drama, and mystery is one of a kind and will intrigue you after the first watch.

Shahrooh Israil states that it’s “a good drama to watch when I return from school. I like the suspense.”

  1.  Supernatural

Sam and Dean, two brothers, join together to hunt supernatural beings in the world. This TV series started in 2005 and is still going, with 10 seasons and counting, their journey seems unending and more and more intriguing with every episode.13835780_1138249936246130_1752370520_o.jpg

Dilrooh Israil says it is “the most amazing TV show I have ever watched. The hottest characters I have ever seen. Sam is adorable, and i love Dean so much.”

  1.  The Walking Dead

This one is more for those who are into horror shows and zombies. With a bit of comedy, this horror drama follows the lives of the few survivors of an apocalyptic world 13843614_1138249956246128_1694190949_o.jpgoverrun by killer zombies. The apocalypse began in 2010, the TV show is still going, and the survivors are still being hunted down by the flesh eating zombies. Pulse raising and exciting, this TV show is a must watch.

Alexandru Profira Ionut shortly puts it under as having an 
“amazing storyline.”

  1.  Orange is The New Black

13839827_1138249916246132_633549718_oIt is based around Piper Chapman, a New York woman sentenced to 15 months in prison. The TV show is mainly about the drama of her trying to adjust to her new life. With a comedic tone to it, this TV show is a Netflix Original that started in 2013.

Nigina Ilkhomova says, “It is interesting and shows what struggles different people have to go through and how it changes them.”

  1.  Game of Thrones13663332_1138249952912795_1632110060_o

Based on the novels of George R. R. Martin, this series follows the wars between different houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. This fictional show is known worldwide. With the first episode out in 2011, confusing Game of Thrones became one of the most addictive series.

Eren Gundem says, “Will not be easily forgotten, even years later, people will talk about it.”

  1.  Lost13844198_1138249966246127_305585902_o

From 2004 to 2010, it is about a group of people stranded on an island after a plane crash. Strange things happen on that island. This TV show is watched over and over again by fans trying to make sense of what happened, but they never can. This mystery leaves you with your jaw wide open, and before you know it, you will have reached the mysterious end of the show, still confused.

Roxana Lazar says, “A strange and unique idea of a show. It leaves you wanting more, with unending cliffhangers and a big cast of well known actors.”

  1.  Teen Wolf13838345_1138249922912798_713418140_o

Beginning in 2011, Teen wolf is a young supernatural series, with attractive good guys, and even more attractive villains. The summary is in the title: there is a teen wolf. Based in a town called Beacon Hills, this TV show has unending humour and drama, and could never bore you.

Pippa Forrest admits, “Interesting storyline that leaves you wanting more and intriguing characters.”

  1.  Pretty Little Liars13835772_1138249939579463_318138637_o

We’ve all heard of this drama series. With a haunting “A” constantly threatening a circle of friends, since 2010, Pretty Little Liars never failed to surprise us with cliffhangers and new killers in every season. A catchy theme tune and a mysterious storyline. What else do you need to binge watch a tv show?

Sumor Harmony McKenzie says, “Has lots of mysteries and clues that they leave us to figure out before the next episode airs.”

  1.  The 10013840446_1138249946246129_1699003367_o

This is a mind blowing new show that only started in 2014. Based on the books by Kass Morgan, this series is about 100 juvenile prisoners from a space station sent down to Earth to see if the world could be lived in again after a nuclear war wiped humanity off of Earth. They get to Earth only to realise that they are not alone. The series revolves around a group of people from the 100 and a group of people from the Ark station and all the sacrifices they have to do in order to survive. This tv show is a must watch.

Juan Sebastian Garcia Castillo says, “Always surprising me with more twists. A good mysterious show.”

  1. 13844032_1138249949579462_1166290099_o The Vampire Diaries

Based on L. J. Smith’s horror series, this young romantic teen vampire series is a well known TV show. With some humour and many good looking actors, beginning in 2009, The Vampire Diaries became a well loved series, with dramatic plot twists and the many changes in relationships.

Zeynep Cikit says, “The main idea is perfect. I love sci-fi with a little bit of romance, which makes this TV show pleasing. I also love vampires.”

Nevertheless, honestly, every TV show in this list deserves to be appreciated for all the time, money, and effort put into the amazing storylines and exciting quality. Watch all these TV shows if interested, but be warned, there is no turning back.

QOTD: How many of these tv shows have you already binge watched?


What about you?

Article by Roxana Lazar

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