Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow

Note: All of the images in this article were taken from the users’ Instagram feeds.

Instagram, a social media application we all use for pictures of our food, showing off what a great time we’re having with our friends and, of course, the beautiful sunsets. 300 million people use Instagram, but which of the 300 million do you have to be following? Keep reading to find out!


IMG_20160724_234741Our favorite Disney star with whom we’ve grown up with, Selena Gomez. Currently on her Revival World Tour, the most popular Instagrammer brings all the emotions to us. Her positive messages through her music and pictures just inspire us to be kinder and better people. She is simply gorgeous and sends good vibes out everywhere she goes!


IMG_20160724_234808Dwayne “the rock” Johnson is loved by everyone with his motivational videos. His Instagram is filled with videos, either funny or inspirational. He just shows appreciation for everyone and everyone appreciates him for that! And he recently created a YouTube channel, another project to look forward to from The Rock!


IMG_20160724_234853Speaking of YouTube, let’s not forget our Prince Charming of YouTube, Connor Franta. This sweet, creative individual’s Instagram feed is plain breathtaking! It’s incredible to think that most of his photos were photographed by an iPhone rather than a big, bulky professional camera! His Instagram is definitely a must follow.


IMG_20160724_234911Cara Delevingne, famous for her thick eyebrows and great humor, her Instagram is filled with pictures of her with her friends, which she has a lot of. Her humorous posts make our days just that bit better with a good laugh. Hanging out with her model friends and traveling around the world shooting movies, she is just living the dream. Oh, and have I mentioned that she is hilarious? I have? Oh… well, moving on!


IMG_20160724_234926The Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell’s Instagram is full of her great adventures around the world, traveling is something she loves to do and she makes sure everyone knows! Capturing beautiful pictures, she makes us all wish we were her.


IMG_20160724_234938Michael Zajkov is a Russian sculptor, his creations are incredible. With an Instagram feed filled with the progressions of the sculptures and the finished products, Zajkov impresses us all with his talent. The sculptures look breathtakingly real. You can truly tell he loves what he does by the effort he puts into his sculptures.


IMG_20160724_234952Dinotomic is a popular artist on Instagram with over 320 thousand followers, but I personally think he deserves 320 million. This artist loves what he does, which is art. With his amazing projects and unbelievably realistic drawings, he definitely deserves a spot on this list.


IMG_20160724_235009Jay Alvarrez is famous for his adventurous photos and one of the short list of people who are able to keep a really good and interesting feed going on on Instagram. Pictures with his friends, girlfriend and great landscapes are what fill his feed and what makes it so pleasing to the eye. He has the most perfect career that we all are jealous of. Alvarrez’s Instagram should definitely be followed.


IMG_20160724_234637And last but not least Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kar-Jenner family, except she is turning nineteen in a couple of weeks! The young Jenner is popular all over social media and frequently posts on Instagram; whether it is to promote her new lip gloss or her face in a new magazine. The Kar-Jenners are known for their selfie, and Kylie is no underestimation to that! King Kylie’s Instagram is filled with gorgeous selfies with her friends, pets and family.



What’s your favorite account on Instagram? Are you already following these people on Instagram?

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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