A Trip To Alanya

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The beach and my sister

During the summer vacation, we all have summer plans; whether it is to stay inside watching Netflix all day or going on adventures and traveling. My summer plan consisted of both, but i was more excited about the latter. My family and I took a trip to Alanya and it’s beautiful Stella Beach Hotel Resort.

We had driven to Antalya all the way from Istanbul, a minimum ten hour drive, and stayed there for a few days, afterwards we had driven an hour to Alanya, a small city with a population of about 250,000. I can easily say I knew I would enjoy myself there the moment i saw the beautiful, tall palm trees on both sides of the road, leading us to our destination. When we finally arrived at our hotel, I was confused. In front of me was a immense purple building that looked nothing like a hotel or resort of any sort! My first impression was upset, it looked nothing like the pictures. A pinch of anger and frustration tickled the pit of my stomach, and most of all, disappointment. All of this vanished the second I stepped into the hotel and I let a long sigh of relief leave  my lungs. It did look like the pictures after all! My disappointment was replaced with excitement. We had ourselves checked in and shown to our hotel room. I couldn’t wait to get in my bikini and go swimming in the alluring sea that could be seen from our balcony.

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The beach in the evening when empty

After we all were ready, sun screen on and sunglasses in hand, we headed out. When we reached the beach, I was astonished by it’s beauty. The color light blue and the waves white with foam. My first few steps into the water were cold. The waves were immense and came with tough force, knocking people down and towering over them, which scared me for a second, but the people got back up laughing and joyful. I slowly made my way deeper into the water, trying my best to not get pushed into the rocky, wet shore. The sand could better be described as rocks rather than sand as they were much bigger than the tiny and soft sand I was used to. Until you’re in the water, the rocks really press into your feet and make them ache. And I can say the getting in is the only downside of this beach. But that problem had quickly been fixed because my father had brought water shoes (the shoes you wear so you don’t step on anything, in my case hard rocks), so all was good. Before you get in the water, at the sight of it, and after you get it, the coolness and cleanness of it, is amazing. After I had gotten in the water, I felt relaxed, but the waves were hard to overcome even after I was deep into the water, far away from the crashing waves. After a while when I gave in to the water and decided not to swim in the deep end, myself and my sister were at the part where the waves hit the hardest and played a little game to try and not get knocked down. This was, of course, hard and I tired from that too.

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A dock in construction

Finally, I decided to just sit and observe the interesting designed and shaped rocks… bad idea.
All of a sudden in front of me I saw a great wave hovering closer to me, my eyes widened because it was too late to escape, and I just stared at it as it came closer to me, which wasn’t a long time at all. The wave hit me firmly and it knocked me so hard that I did a backwards somersault underwater! I felt the rocks hit and scrape the back of my head, but somehow it didn’t hurt as I had expected it to. The loud crash of the wave was screaming at my ears and I dares not open my eyes.

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When I finally I opened them, I realized I was washed up three feet from where I was before and a loud laughter escaped my lips, it didn’t hurt or it wasn’t frightening at all, the opposite really, it was fun! After that, I refused to swim or go near the water of the big headache that came to me after a while of explaining what happened and my sister laughing at me. I then decided to go to the hotel room and get refreshed for dinner by taking a cold shower.

The food at the hotel was one of the best things about it. The foods from the buffet were incredibly luscious, I cannot even begin to describe the deserts, sweet and so many different types to choose from! Every night we feasted on amazing food.

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Path to the beach within the hotel

After dinner we would usually walk on the beach, enjoying the colorful sunset and feeling the cold water gather around our feet.
I vaguely remember one evening, surprisingly the first one at the hotel, which I will probably remember forever. We had decided to walk along the beach. I was behind my family because I was walking slowly. After walking for a good ten minutes, music blasting in my ears, I stopped to examine my surroundings and really thought about everything.Processed with VSCO

The song ‘Wind of Change’ by the band Scorpions was playing. The song was perfect for the moment, calm. The sky was near cloudless and the water was calmer than I had remembered it to be from that morning.
Processed with VSCOTime seemed to stop, the only thing progressing seemed to be the song. Looking down, through the moving transparent water, I could see my blurry feet. I dug my feet deeper into the rocky sand and felt it’s coldness press against the sole of my feet.

This stillness was abruptly interrupted by my sister who told me it was time to go, and I suddenly realized that five songs had passed since ‘Wind of Change.’ I can easily say that that night was the best out of the five nights we stayed there for.Processed with VSCO

The next day, I decided to give the sea another shot. While walking to the beach, we walked by the pool which was filled with toddlers, teenagers, couples and elders!

Processed with VSCO“Why waste time in the pool when right in front of you is this beauty?” I heard my dad ask, and I couldn’t agree more. The sea was near empty, with only a few families taking a swim. The water was much calmer than the day before which I was happy about. That day was spend on the beach with laughter and lots of splashing around, and the days following that.

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The beach at night (incredibly sorry for the bad quality)

In conclusion, the hotel was great with it’s delicious food, the beach with it’s clear water and the trip with the unforgettable memories!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova 

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