Longboard: Your Key to Speed

Notice how many boards there are: skateboards, caster boards, sand boards, surf boards, longboards, penny boards, mini boards, snowboards (and these are just the boards I can think of from the top of my head). You see, a big part of my life is, sadly, dreaming about being one of those cool kids who skateboards around the city, has tumblrish pictures on the black slopes, and films dangerous tricks in slow motion. Unfortunately, I live in a city with tiny roads, I am not photogenic, and every time I attempt a trick, I see my life flash before my eyes. I broke my hand on my snowboard on a green slope while trying to sit down…

The type of board which interests me the most though is longboarding, specifically because there are so many ways of riding them: pushing one foot against the ground, standing position, and crouching. Now for those who don’t know what a longboard is, imagine a skateboard, and then imagine it wider and longer, and with smoother and bigger wheels. Moreover, skateboards have a limit when it comes to shapes, whereas longboards provide a variety of choices to pick the perfect board.


When researching to buy a longboard there are certain qualities you want to look for, such as the trucks, bearings, sizes, wheels, decks, etc. If you want to understand longboard terminology, click here.

The most popular types of boards:

Pintail board: Narrow at the front, gets wider in the middle for your feet, and tapers off into a tail at the end. Good for cruising and for the heavier riders. Many sizes to choose from.

Twin tip board: even on both sides, with no direction of which way you should be riding the board. Good for spins, manuals, and slides. Perfect for trick riders.

Kicktail board: Similar to a pintail as it is narrow at the front, gets wider in the middle, and a kick tail at the end. Is directional, so there is a specific way you have to ride it. Usually a bit smaller than the other boards.

Carving board: Has a surf or snowboard style. Flexible and with smooth trucks and wheels.

Downhill board: Goes up to 50+ mph. Thick deck, the bearings are frictionless and the wheels have a good grip to prevent from the wobbling when gaining speed.

Freeride longboard: Best when it comes to doing tricks. Are on the short side of the longboard spectrum.


Yet, if you don’t have longboard, do not worry! There is always time to buy one. In summary, a longboard is an adaptation of a skateboard (or perhaps the other way around). It is longer, making its riding swifter and in a much faster fashion. It’s also heavier. Did I forget to mention that it also makes you look super relaxed and cool?

QOTD: What boards can you ride?

My AOTD: I can longboard, skateboard, caster board, snowboard, mini board and penny board.

What about you?

Article by Roxana Lazar

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